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Hotel 4 stars in Alessandria

Welcome to Hotel Londra

My name is Giovanna Scacheri and I welcome you to the Hotel Londra in Alessandria that I have managed with commitment and dedication for over 25 years. Every morning I wake up, charged with passion and supported by the collaboration of people with a genuine spirit of hospitality.

The Hotel Londra is our second home. It is a historical city hotel passed on to me by my father so that I could develop my professional skills and create a challenging environment to work in, enriched and made vibrant by the faces and the stories of the travellers that come to us from every corner of the planet.

Our style

I wished to donate, overtime, a print of style very personal to every ambient of the Hotel, not only in the rooms, each different, but also in the living area, where to share relax moments and sociality. Between marbles, crystals, fine woods, I wanted to dare with brushed colours here and there, carefully dosed by our loving decorator.

In the renewed environment of the living area, there a bar always open, cosy lounges offer to the visitor unique moments of conviviality and relax.

My wish is that to enjoy the fruits of our daily effort are just you, dear travellers: finding after resting a relaxed smile on your faces, ready to face with grit the day that is coming, we are sure to have that we have done our duty.

The excellence of the values

The Hotel Londra of Alessandria adheres at the ethical code promoted by Federalberghi, adopting “behaviour models inspired at the moral integrity, deontological and professional”.

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